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Hannelie 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💗💗💗💗
I struggled to loose weight a lot before I started with the products on 12/08/2020.  I could not fit into any of my jeans or pants my skirts could not fit over my chest area… I was feeling tired, i had no go and felt misrable… I was ashamed to go out and became very un-social… I was desperate to loose weight… The first week in August I came across an advert … I was very sceptic at first, and had a million questions…. Each one was answered with love and patience…. Something made me buy this product and i believe this is God sent… I ordered my products and received it 3 days later… Started immediately !!! I have never been so amazed with a product in my entire life, unfortunately i did not take centimeters before I started, but i dropped 3 pans sizes from a 38 to a 32 in most of my pants…. My shirts are loose and i feel fantastic… I am confident again, i feel happy, energetic… I am sleeping like a baby and I do not snore at all…. I feel healthy and my mind is so focused and clear…. I don’t know when last I felt this good… I am satisfied with this product and will keep on promoting and using it myself…  I weight in at 77,5 and now weigh 67,5
5…Thank you Nita for giving telling me about this, for all your support, for every nitty gritty question you answered me any time of the day…. Love Hannelie  9/09/2020


What a great product, Thank You, Belly Melt is just magical, I shed 12kgs and I didn’t even change my lifestyle, I do not eat as much anymore and I don’t have the munchies, I can most definitely recommend this product above everything else, keep up the good work, I will keep on following you guys.ThanksLeonard


Wow, this product is absolutely amazing! I really have no words! This is my first week, and I already lost 2,6 kgs! The fat just melt away overnight! Literally! I am so excited to see what the results will be in a months time! Only in 1 week! Its that simple! The combo, 1 shake a day, followed by easy peasy eating plan, so easy! You don’t go hungry, so you’re not starving yourself. I eat big big decent yummy meals! I have never! This is the best product ever! And the best of all, it’s all natural. I have more energy I can ever imagine, and I feel wonderful! I sleep a thousand times better than ever before! I will most definitely recommend this product. Cravings? You still get them, not as bad though, take Keto Salt, glass of water, and you’re all sorted! You are getting so much more than your money’s worth! I really thought this was “just another diet product” nope, I was SO wrong! This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Anne Marie van der Merwe: The product is fantastic!  It’s a week today, and I lost 2.6kg!  It’s absolutely fantastic !!!
Can’t I do a rewiew or something?  It’s absolutely fantastic !!
recommended it for everyone!
I feel great!  So much energy.
I will definitely order again !!!
I’m really happy, it’s the most important thing when you lose and feel good.  It gives one courage again
It’s very very nice.  I sleep like a baby💃💃💗🌺

Janine Dreyer: I want to order again please, I feel flipper good.🥀💃👏


Wendy van Loggerenberg: Good morning I want to spend again please.  I lost 4 kg complaining, I will pay for you soon.
Hi hi terribly bail thank you ‘I let my husband send proof of payment soon.  I joel fantastic has a lot of measuring energy and as a kindergarten teacher it’s a bonus because here we always run.


Hannelie Janse van Rensburg: Nita my sister lost 5kg in a week👏⚠️


Mariette Bouwer: for the first time in a year the scale moves, I lose 1kg.


Meryl Boshof: I lost 27.5 cm all over my body, my stomach 6cm
Tomorrow I took a chance I am still 4cm down and another 1.5kg, thank you very much very much ..
You’re a star with all your advice.  Thank you👏


Hannelie Janse van Rensburg: I ​​am from 75.5cm to 71cm.  I keep diary.  I feel fantastic.


Just an update.
From a size 44 … to a 36 (although tight still).  But getting there Fantastic products.
I’ve been semi strict on my keto diet.  I could do better but sometimes I’m really busy and no time for
meal prep.  I will be focusing on that in the months to come.  Thanks Nita)

I’m just sorry I did not take my cms because I lost a lot
I feel so good and since I started taking the pills I have not felt like sweets at all as always
It’s a great pleasure because I know this is not a scam
I feel fantastic and so positive
The first time in my life because I can see results
So excited for the next order
Thank you for all your advice and what you sent me because it works together the pills.

Hey Nita I lost 2.lkg along with cms
I do not get our partner band going to buy one for me on Monday.
I’m so proud because I was still sick and drank antibiotics too so I’m very happy.

Charmaine Malan: Hi Nita I want to order again pls.  Husband has lost 10kg in 5 weeks.💃💃


Harrish Dathadeen: H Nita I need to order again, an bit of info, I was 42 now I’m 36, I still need to lose a bit of tummy.

Tammy de wet: Hi there I need to order again.  I think this is the main product for me also quite like this Just an update.
From a size 44, to a 36. ‘  But getting there Fantastic products.
I could do better but sometimes I’m really busy and no time for
meal prep.  I will be focusing on that in the month to come.  Thanks Nita

Hi Nlta.  My work skirts are getting loose, ill take another month end
Is the special still on?
Im excited as well.
I don’t get hungry or tired like normal.
At times i feel light headed if i stand up too fast but nothing hectic l
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for your support


Ambrose Langenhoven: Nita I need to order again.
… Can actually see that he is losing … Finally found something that works … Thankyou 🥀👏


Anke Theron: After trying many different slimming products, I thought maybe this would be another disappointment.  But i still bought.  I started with Products in March and
I have lost almost 26cm and 6kg in just the first month.  It really works even for mummies who struggles with that mummy tummy.  I can really recommend the Products.


Ethel Potgieter: Thank you so much …. it really helps with my cravings and water intake has increased – .. I can see a
huge difference with my tummy_, I forgot to measure. But I am feeling good
I qot it on Friday 29th March 15.24
My jeans and panties are falling off.  Thanks you Nita.


Linda Venter: Hi Nita I jet a lot of energy and was always tired me and my son lost 2kg in the first week.  It works well and does not make me sick.  I order again.  Thank you so much for your effort with all your advice and product.


Bianca: just an update now weighs 92 , I weighed 97.

Hannelie Janse Van Rensburg: 1 Week’s results😁 8 Days to be exact … Not to mention all the centimeters👏 I’m in the clouds💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🍾
Hannelie Janse Van Rensburg: It’s just kg not cm …. I feel fantastic … Better than ever …. I’m so motivated I can not tell you … Go big …

Hannelie Janse van Rensburg: hi Nita lost 10kg from 12 Aug.  It’s now 7 September, I lost a lot of cm, I’m very, very happy, you have a client for life👍🏻👏🏻, I’ll take photos, it’s just very crazy.  Hope you have a kickass week.💃💃.
Maryke Polley: Halo!  Maryke here.  I fit in a pair of trousers today and he’s very loose who did not want to fit at all about two months ago.  Could not even close the zip.  I feel really good.  For some reason last week I just wanted to eat!  But this week I feel great again!  I’m still very happy about the product and i bought medium size nighties and not xl or xxl.
Maryke Polley: I definitely feel such a big difference.
Maryke Polley: Definitely I almost threw those pants away but I believed there was hope for him😂 Maryke Polley: Yes no I really keep hearing.  You just feel better oh yes and I wanted to say i can see my toes again when I stand in shower over my stomach😂
Maryke Polley: Because tops around the stomach no longer stretch
Maryke Polley: Pants loose especially on belly and buttocks and legs

Maryke Polley: Good morning.  I was finally able to weigh stranded.  I have already shaken off 5 kg.  With all the cms.  I’m very happy and I now have to wear my one pair of trousers with a belt.  I feel good.🌺🌺👏👏👏👏

Mabel Cloete: Noon Nita can I am over the moon, her 1.5 lost I am very satisfied with the product.  Weighing now 76.9 kg lost 1.5.

Mabel Cloete: Lost 400gr again

Janine Dreyer: Good morning Nita I want to order again, I feel good and have lost a lot of cms.’s

Wendy van Loggerenberg: good morning hope it goes well.  Can I order the combo again if.  I lost 4kg and many cm, want to order again, down payment now.

Wendy van Loggerenberg: hi Nita thank you very much, el has a lot of energy, and as a kindergarten teacher it’s a bonus.
Elbie: hi Nita I lost 4.7kg in week

Mariette Bouwer: 1kg just lost from yesterday for the first time in years that the taste moves.

Meryl Bossof: I lost 27.5cm all over my body.

Just an update from a 44 to 36 Fantastic, thanks Nita👏👏

Anne Marie van der Merwe: Oh the product is fantastic.  It’s a week today, and I lost 2.6kg.  It’s absolutely fantastic.
I recommend it to everyone aa, I have so much energy.
I will definitely order again.  I sleep like a baby.  Thank you very, very much.  Will keep you posted.


Fat Burner Thermogenic Burner 60 Capsules WEIGHT-LOSS PRODUCT
***** 3 reviews


I love this product,I have seen a huge difference in my body ever since I started using it and people are asking if I’m on diet because they notice I have lost some weight.


this product does work, but I won’t use it on a continuous basis


This was one of 3 SA vitamin products I’ve tried and I can testify that fat was burnt

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I wanted to try these pis out because i, a light skinned gal, was unevenly toned. I was dark brown here and light there and I wasn’t feeling all that great about it.So I tried out this product and honestly my skin is even and I look and feel great. My former colleagues maintain that I look great. And I see it too. PS. Don’t forget your sunblock!!!!!


I took these for over two months, didn’t see much results at first, but my friends started seeing the results before I started realising, after 3 months my complexion is a lot better and skin tone is even. THANK YOU!


This tablets work. .. I started seeing theresults after using my second bottle ….It does take a bit of time to see results but I’m slowly seeing a difference on my overall skin tone


I was amazed with the result within 4 weeks of using this product.My dark circles around my eyes just vanishedMy skin completion evenly tonedThanks


Must say it really works for me and I only take 2 caps a day. My complexion is clear and even my hair looks a lot healthier. Can see after one month use the difference.Thank you

Perfect Tan Tanning 90 Capsules
R 424.00


I am have been use Perfect Tan for the last month, and i have a great tan already ! This is a great product !! I love it !!!Having a amazing Tan without the sun burning and damaging my skin.


I saw my frien Karen again, and she had a beautifull tan. I asked her if she was on vacation, she just laughed and told me about the product Perfect Tan.I immediatly went and bought two bottels online, and was amazed after six weeks. Had a perfect brazilian tan!!!Yeah yeah!


I always battled to get a tan, due to my light skin colour. Can not tan in the sun, my skin is just to sensitive.Then I tried Perfect Tan.After 5 weeks I still could not see a difference and thought this product is not working. I phone SA Vitamins, and they suggest to just continue for a few more weeks.And yes a got a nice tan, thanks so much, I fell in love with Perfect Tan



About 7 months ago I had a terrible fall. I was in a coma for about 2 weeks.Since the fall, I stuggled to move, and my husband had to help me wash my hair, because I could not move my arm.A representative told me about better than blue, and after 2 weeks of use, I can move much better and I can wash my hair on my own.A great product!!!


I have severe lower back pain and also joint pain in my wrists and elbows, I started using this product after a friend recommended it and I could not believe the results after 2 days, I doubled up on the dosage because of my lower back pain the 1st 3 days and thereafter used as prescribed, this is one of the best natural products I have ever used and I feel 100 times better and no more pain, Thank you so much for your great service and the fast delivery to my home, Regards James


I started using Better than Blue about 2 month ago. I was told by a friend that she started using Better than Blue for her arthirtus and since she started using it, not just did her pain stop, but also she a massive improvement on her skin.I have an old skin, and when i started using Better than Blue, not just could I see improvement on my skin and nails, my black circles around my improved.Wow, thanks so much, a great product, that i am going to use for the rest of my life!!!


I started with a rash on my back about two years ago. I have been tested for Lupus after my visit to the skin specialist.My test came back negative, I did not have Lupus. Nobody can tell me what is was.I came accross Better than Blue and have started using this product and with in days I have seen a amazing results. Rash is slowiing goiing away!!So relieved!!! Great product!!!


I started using this product for about seven days for fatique. And I could not believe the enery I could feel. Wow thanks so much for a great product!!!

Diet Slim Secret™ 30 Capsules. WEIGHT-LOSS PRODUCT 
R 274.00
**** 1 review


I’ve tried Garcinia Cambogia and didn’t work with my body type, but the team at savitamins helped me with their body shape solutions and recommended a good diet plan to match with the meal replacement shake and I’ve lost 10kg already. I though it was a bunch of BS but it has made a big difference, and gets easier everyday to stay healthy, it’s not just about the products, but it gave me a big boost


Hi.The pill could work…. but in all honesty…. u might as well go to gym n eat well… because with none of those… ill keep the weight. Also….. even if u dont take the pill and do things right… u could loose the same amount of weight.


10 of my friends have use the Diet Slim Secret and all of them have lost 6 kg !!Its a great product for everyone to use, especialy people who is diabetic. My fathet in law lost a whole 10.2kg !!! In 7 weeks !!!! LOVE ! LOVE ! LOVE


This is an amazing product and I can say it really works I have started on 25th September 2018 with it and by the 30th September I have already lost an amazing 2,5kg I used the secret slim caps along with the caralluma fimbriata capsWe should always remember once we take pills to also eat a bit less and eat healthy if we stay on our old routines then we won’t get results I don’t really exercise and I still have great results and remember that fat was not gained just in a day so you won’t lose it in a day some takes time just be patient!


I have been struggling with my weight for so long, and have tried many different “weightloss” products that do absolutely nothing, I have been using this for almost a month now and got great results, delivery was fast and the shopping was easy! Thank you soo much!